Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pay Attention

We all have an innate ability to read our own bodies. You have a craving for an orange - perhaps you are low in Vitamin C. You feel like having a steak - maybe you protein or iron. You get the idea.
We also (if we pay attention) can tell when something is wrong with our bodies. If you are like me, anything that feels funny, such as an ache, I tend to ignore. I figure that whatever it is, it will go away if left unattended. Several years ago, I had a conversation with an oncologist who told me that we all have cancerous cells all the time in our bodies. This is not unusual. What is unusual is when our bodies don't slough off the errant cells.
Sometimes, the symptom may be something simple, like not being able to sleep or occasional heart palpitations. These symptoms may be nothing. These symptoms may be important. Pay attention to what your body is telling. Check in a couple of times a day and do inventory. Are you feeling good? Is your tummy calm and happy? How about your head? Sore muscles that don't go away? Cramping during the night?
If you sense any abnormalities in your own body and they don't go away right away, maybe it is time to see a professional. Learn to pay attention to your body and listen to what it is telling you. This temple that you reside in is the only one you get this go round on Earth. Cherish it and take care of it. Treat it well. Eat right. Exercise. Do something fun. Laugh. Love.

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